Video, 1.42 s, loop, 2023

A visual and audible poem through morse code. Morse code gained an international break through during the 1900th century and the inventor Samuel Morse (who also was an artist) was adamant for slavery. By using morse code as a tool in my work regarding the transatlantic slave trade is a well intended nudge to the inventor. Morse code is strongly connected to the communication over the sea and this is my way to communicate back in history, to all the people that lost their lives but still lives on in the depth.

One step 

Two steps

Three, four, five

Slow steps 

Walking to the deep

The depth of our faith 

We dive to survive 

Thats what we have to do

100, 200, 300

We’ve lost the count

The trail, the sail

That became (was) our faith 

Crying, dying or lose

We can’t even chose 

So we walk the same 

Trail as yesterday 

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